The Psychiatric Conjoint Committee has developed this website in response to an innovative shift in the field of learning. It was first inspired and pioneered by Professor Dr Hatta Sidi, the Head of Department of Psychiatry from UKM (2010 – 2014) and Chairman of the Psychiatric Conjoint Comittee (2013-2014).  This idea was supported by the Conjoint Board Committee during 2009/2010 official meeting. The first coordinators for this noble project are from UKM, namely: Dr Suriati Mohamed Saini (E-Learning and Conjoint Board Website Technical Support Facilitator) and Dr Suzaily Wahab (E-Learning and Conjoint Board Website Content Support Facilitator) who have made this website a successful story of innovation in Malaysian Postgraduate Psychiatry learning. However, this great inspiration will not be materialized without great help from UKM, UM, USM, UiTM, UPM, IIUM, Cyberjaya Medical College and MOH’s specialists/ lecturers respectively. The current representatives from the universities and MOH for 2014 are Dr. Ang Jin Kiat (UPM), Dr. Chee Kok Yoon (MOH), Assoc Prof Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Ahmad Zahari (UM), Dr. Norzila Zakaria (USM) and Dr. Nurul Azreen Hashim (UiTM). The website is also meant to provide rapid access for the students to the Master of Medicine Psychiatry/ Master of Psychological Medicine program and provides useful and practical information throughout their 4-year courses.

We wish to update the website regularly and would appreciate your questions, comments and feedback, which you can submit via the website online. We will try to attend to your inquiry as soon as possible.

We hope that this website is well received by the students and the public alike. We are very much looking forward to serve you better.

E-Learning and Conjoint Board Website Content and Technical Support Facilitator

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