Doctor in Psychiatry/Master of Medicine (Psychiatry)/Master of Psychological Medicine


The general objective of this 4-year program is to impart knowledge and skills to candidates, enabling them to function independently as safe and competent psychiatrist. Various teaching and learning modalities will be incorporated throughout the course to achieve above aims.    

Students are responsible to alert themselves about any assignments available in the e-learning portal throughout the academic years.

How to gain access to these e-learning packages:

  1. Go to
  2. Each students and lecturers/facilitators need to register with the website’s admin for login.

Overview of this e-learning module 
This module comprise of assignments that are divided into 2 parts. 
Part 1 – Provided reading materials in the form of slides, videos and hyperlinks. 
Part 2 – Assessment component (ie. Short Answer questions, Quiz and etc.)

Students’ Guide and Tasks
Each student is expected to complete the short notes assignment within the stipulated time (window period) and the quiz should be completed within three days before the topic ends.  Once the “window” is open, student need to read, understand and “digest” the knowledge by logging into the system and logging out from the website system.  This is to facilitate fascinating ongoing learning process and each week/month there will be new knowledge and skills to be learned. Students are expected to submit their assignments before the stipulated deadline in order for the “teacher”, i.e. lecturer and supervisor to respond to students’ queries.  Login and logout of the website and submission of the assignments will be considered as an attendance.   Attendance is an important element of prerequisite for sitting in exam. Students will be barred from sitting the MMed(Psych)/MPM examination if failed to complete the tasks.

Lecturers’ Facilitators’ Guide
Lecturers and facilitators are expected to evaluate the assignment and written feedbacks online within the stipulated time.      

The aim of this feedback is to help us improve and refine our future e-learning website.

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