Course Duration
The course duration is four (4) years.

Language of Instruction
The languages used are Bahasa Malaysia and English.

Qualifications to Enter

Candidates must have the following qualifications:

  1. Degree in Doctor of Medicine from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia or M.B.B.S., M.D., M.B. Ch.; or equivalent with it from acknowledged universities;
  2. Clinical experience of at least two (2) years after receiving degree in Medicine when entering the programme.
  3. Fully registered with Malaysia’s Medical Board.

Prerequisite examination and interview

You will be interviewed by the Conjoint Board Members and required to sit for prerequisite psychiatric exam.

Students intake will be done in June each year.

Enrolment Procedure

Students are required to enrol at the beginning of every academic year. Please go to the following website for online enrolment.

Once registered in the course, you can obtain your username and password for logging in the website by contacting website admin ( En Syafiq, 03 91456143/7444). You will receive the username and password through e-mail.

Login and logout of the website and submission of the assignments will be considered as an attendance. Attendance is an important element of prerequisite for sitting in exam. Students will be barred from sitting the MMed(Psych)/MPM examination if failed to complete the tasks.


Doctor of Psychiatry will be bestowed on the successful candidate:

  1. Fulfill all the needs of the Graduate Education Act and the schedules; and
  2. Successfully paid all the necessary fees.
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Year 4 (Sem. VII & VIII)
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