Lecturers Name Affiliation
1 Professor Dr. Abdul Hamid Abdul Rahman University Kebangsaan Malaysia
2 Professor Dr. Maniam Thambu University Kebangsaan Malaysia
3 Associate Professor Dr. Susan Tan Mooi Koon University Kebangsaan Malaysia
4 Associate Professor Dr. Wan Salwina Wan Ismail University Kebangsaan Malaysia
5 Associate Professor Dr. Rosdinom Razali University Kebangsaan Malaysia
6 Associate Professor Dr. Nik Ruzyanei Nik Jaafar University Kebangsaan Malaysia
7 Associate Professor Dr. Azlin Baharudin University Kebangsaan Malaysia
8 Associate Professor Dr. Fairuz Nazri University Kebangsaan Malaysia
9 Associate Professor Dr. Chan Lai Fong University Kebangsaan Malaysia
10 Dr. Hazli Zakaria University Kebangsaan Malaysia
11 Associate Professor Dr. Suzaily Wahab University Kebangsaan Malaysia
12 Pn. Raynuha Mahadevan University Kebangsaan Malaysia
13 Pn. Loh Sit Fong University Kebangsaan Malaysia
14 Dr. Parameswaran Ramasamy Ministry Of Health
15 Dr. Azizul Awaludin Ministry Of Health
16 Associate Professor Dr. Ramli Musa International Islamic University Malaysia
17 Associate Professor Dr. Ng Chan Guan University Malaya
18 Professor Dr. Ahmad Hatim Sulaiman University Malaya
19 Dr. Aida Syarinaz Ahmad Adlan University Malaya
20 Associate Professor Dr. Koh Ong Hui University Malaya
21 Associate Professor Dr. Stephen Jambunathan University Malaya
22 Associate Professor Dr. Subash Kumar Pillai University Malaya
23 Associate Professor Dr. Jesjeet Singh University Malaya
24 Associate Professor Dr. Aili Hanim Hashim University Malaya
25 Dr. Aida Syarinaz Ahmad Adlan University Malaya
26 Associate Prof Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Ahmad Zahari University Malaya
27 Dr. Zubaidah Jamil University Putra Malaysia
28 Associate Professor Dr. Normala Ibrahim University Putra Malaysia
29 Professor Dr. Mohd Fadzillah A.Razak University Malaysia Sarawak
30 Professor Dr. Khatiza Haida Ali University Putra Malaysia
31 Professor Dr. Syed Hassan Syed Ahmad Almashoor University Teknologi MARA
32 Professor Dr. Abdul Hamid Abdul Rashid University Putra Malaysia
33 Associate Professor Dr. Eizwan Hamdie Yusoff University Teknologi MARA
34 Dr. Salina Mohamed University Teknologi MARA
35 Dr. Salmi Razali University Teknologi MARA
36 Dr. Siti Aminah Omar University Teknologi MARA
37 Kartini Ilias University Teknologi MARA
38 Associate Professor Dr. Hasanah Che Ismail University Sains Malaysia
39 Dr. Nor Suryani Mohd Ashari University Sains Malaysia
40 Dr. Wan Norhaida Wan Abdullah University Sains Malaysia
41 Dr. Zahiruddin Othman University Sains Malaysia
42 Dr. Wee Kok Wei University Sains Malaysia
43 Dr. Azizah Othman University Sains Malaysia
44 Dr. Mohd Azhar Mohd Yassin University Sains Malaysia
45 Associate Professor Dr. Najib Alwi Cyberjaya
46 Professor Dr. Mohamed Hatta Shaharom Cyberjaya
47 Dr. Asrenee Ab Razak University Sains Malaysia
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Year 3 (Sem. V & VI)
Year 4 (Sem. VII & VIII)
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